November 5, 2011

It doesnt look good.

I finished a new kit a few hours ago and shortly afterwards, my computer started losing contact with my external. I attempted to back everything up but I was not able to do so. ALL my scrapbook supplies were on the external and are now lost. I have nothing to work with. :(


BlueCat said...

Oh! Perhaps you will be able to connect your external again. Computers are so strange sometimes.
I hope you can recover all your work.

Sarah said...

Hi, I'm sorry to hear that. Don't want to be the person with bad news. But a few weeks ago I had the same problem. Lost al my pictures since my second son's birth and all my supplies. nd the worst was, when I tried to put the backup over, that one died upon me too! Now, I have bought a new laptop because this one has no space. Bu I will have several backups....
I wish you a lot of strenght and luck to be able to save something!