May 21, 2012

Little Mrs Debbie - tut

I am using the kit: Little Mrs Debbie by Wicked Princess. You can purchase it HERE.
Any bold font - I am using Hobo STD
Photoshop CS5 or program of choice
Open a new canvas, 600x600, white background
Open heartcircleframe and drag it to center of canvas. Add drop shadow.
Using magic wand tool click outside frame, then activate white background. Go to select, modify, expand - expand by 6. Right click background, and click layer via copy. 
Open paper1, resize to 600x600, copy and paste onto canvas above white background. Lower opacity to about 75%
Open paper2, resize to 600x600, copy and paste onto canvas above duplicated background. Right click on layers palette, create clipping mask. Lower opacity to about 50%
Open MrsDebbie, cat, milkshake, longtailbow, camellia, plug, drag onto canvas above frame, resize, position as desired. Add drop shadow to each element.

Add name using large bold font. Add drop shadow
Open paper2, drag to canvas, above name, resize, right click on layers palette, create clipping mask. 
Add copyright information

Open new canvas 600x600, transparent background. 
Open cookie, muffin, muffin2, cupcake, bowlofpudding. Drag each onto new canvas, resize each, arrange, and duplicate until canvas is filled. Merge all layers. 

Drag merged cupcake image to tag canvas, above paper2 but below the duplicated background layer. Add drop shadow

Go to Windows, click on animation
In the animation palette, click to duplicate selected frame
Then drag merged cupcake image down, until edge of image is at the top of frame.
In the animation palette, click on the tween button, set to 8 frames.
Select all frames in animation and set to 0.2 seconds (or until animation is to your liking). 

Save for web & devices.

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