May 25, 2012

Amethyst - fb cover

I am using my kit: Amethyst. You can purchase it HERE.
Tube: I'm using the beautiful poser by Krissy's Imaging (included in the kit)
Font of choice - I am using Scriptina
Photoshop CS5 or program of choice

Open a new canvas, 850x318. 

Open paper04, drag it onto the canvas. Position it to one end. Duplicate paper and drag it to other end, making sure they overlap. Using a large eraser (about 150) set the softness to 0 and glide it along the edge to blend with the lower paper. Merge all. 

Open sequins and drag onto canvas. Position to the upper center. Duplicate and position to the lower center. Duplicate and rotate 90 degrees. Position to the left. Duplicate and position to the right. Add Drop shadow as desired.

Open paper11, Drag it onto canvas.
Open frame01. Drag it onto canvas. Position it as desired. Add small drop shadow. Using the magic wand tool, select outside the frame, then activate the paper11 layer and delete. 

 Open swirl, drag onto canvas, re-size. From layers palette, drag to below paper11, position as desired. Duplicate, flip horizontal and position as desired. 

Open branch01, flower01, flower02, and butterfly02, drag onto canvas above frame01. Re-size and position as desired. Add drop shadows.

Open poser02. Position over frame, add drop shadow. Using the magic wand tool, select inside frame, then activate tube layer. Inverse and erase area of tube you dont want exposed. Deselect. Duplicate tube and drag below frame, position to the left of main tube. Right click on layers palette and create clipping mask. Set to soft light and lower opacity to 78%. Duplicate and drag to right of main tube. Set to overlay. Duplicate and apply gaussian blur at a radius of 9 pixels. 

Add name
Open paper03 and drag it to canvas above name. Right click on layers palette then create clipping mask. 

Add copyright information and save as a jpg.

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