April 25, 2011

Buy My Store

After two years of saving, I bought a macbook pro and less than a month later, my husband accidentally poured a soft drink into it and killed it. The warranty doesnt cover such accidents and neither does my home owners insurance. I am simply beside myself but my loss is your gain because I am selling EVERYTHING at rock bottom prices in hopes of making enough money to replace the macbook.


Valued at more than $350 - you can purchase everything for a mere $20.

Just add this item to your cart and you will receive information about how to download my ENTIRE store. You may select from my personal use store and/or my CU store.

Cool Scraps Digital

Designer Scraps


Anisah said...

I love your stuff. Just had to buy your store.


Lady Of The Lake said...

Just sent my mom in to buy it all for me..lol
Sorry to hear about what happened I hope you can get enough saved to get a new mac book!
Thanks for the amazing offer!