January 19, 2010

Update: 5 days later...

Momma continues on antibiotics but the pneumonia continues to grow stronger and she grows weaker. The most recent chest x-ray shows the pneumonia is no longer confined to the lower lobes of her lungs. In fact, it now fills most of her lungs and even though she's on a ventilator she feels like she is not getting enough oxygen. She has zero chance of breathing on her own and zero chance of surviving ALS. Her only hope is to survive the pneumonia long enough to go home and even that hope is beginning to fade.

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Debbie said...

Hi Gina,

How your mum now? I do hope she's feeling a wee bit better and can get home to spend her last few days with you all as aloving family.

So sorry to hear she has ALS x sending angel healing to her x

love and angel blessings to you always xxx