December 20, 2008

Oh, how I wanna go home

Things are still moving slowly and it's beginning to look as if it will be mid-January before we will even be able to THINK about moving back into our house. The motel is nice and the staff is wonderful but no matter how kind they are, it's NOT the same as being HOME.

My step-mother died earlier this week and will be buried tomorrow so I had to brave the mall to buy clothes for the funeral. (My clothes are still with Servpro). It's sad but I really dont know her. My dad died a number of years ago and we started out keeping in touch but when she started dating, we backed off to give her room to move forward with her life. She decided to remain single but contact was lost. I'm nervous about attending the funeral because I'm not sure how her children will react after all these years. We are all adults but still....

My eldest daughter and her family will be here from Orlando on Tuesday. I cant wait to see Emerson (6 months old). She has her first tooth and is trying to crawl, now. Yep, we will celebrate Christmas in a motel room.. all six grandkids will be here.

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