December 11, 2008

Fire update and my mom

Things are moving slowly with the house but at least they are moving as opposed to standing still. All my belongings have been inventoried and packed out by Servpro and today the electrician was supposed to do his portion of the repairs but I havent checked to see if he's been there or not. I've been given a carpet allowance and have made a carpet selection.

I've mentioned before that my mom has Lou Gehrig's Disease and Bulbar Palsy. She continues to be stable but she had to check into the hospital this morning for a heart cath. She'd had some cardiac changes since her last exam so her doctor wanted to follow up on that. I visited the hospital this morning and was not able to get much information. All I was able to find out was that she did not require any stents. This was the only treatment she had consented to. She has too many other health issues to be overly aggressive with one condition when there is no cure for the others. She continues to work, when she can. She works for a Christian publication and fortunately they understand that each day could be her last but work is therapy.


the51mom said...

Your family is in my prayers, Gina. I wish you peace and comfort!!

Vicki said...

You and your family are in my prayers. Miss you, Gina!