September 23, 2008

Hello and..

.. a brief note to the digital world to introduce myself. My name is Gina and I am a stay-at-home Grandmommy. I worked in a traditional job for many, many, too many years but when I became a Grandma, I decided to leave the work force and babysit.

Several years ago, I sold an old computer and bought my first PSP (the person I sold it to is now one of my sons in law). This started my addiction to the digital world. I started making scrap pages, even before I knew there were sites dedicated to this hobby. I made EVERYTHING the hard way... from scratch. Last year, I started making tags and soon discovered scrapkits and thus my life was simplified.

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Softheart said...

Hey Gina,

Thanks for sharing your very cute kit, I am off to make something with it. Hugs Renee